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Below you will find some videos and slides which we hope will answer any queries you may have about the website. More will be added in response to queries raised.


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Competition Entry

Question. What is my CDH ?

Your CDH ID is a ten digit number provided by England Golf to identify you as a player. CDH stands for Central Database of Handicaps. If you don’t know your number ask your handicap secretary at your club or the general office.

Question. Why do I need to input my CDH ?

As the CDH is a unique reference number it allows Intelligent Golf to link to your handicap and other records in the WHS system. After you have input your details once on the IG site it will remember them against your CDH number to simplify any future sign-ups.

Question. How do I contact HLG about a competition issue?

Please contact for all competition & payment related queries. Once the Start Sheet has been issued competitors will be provided with a telephone contact number for more urgent communication on the day.

Question. How do I withdraw from a competition?

To withdraw from a competition please email providing your name, the competition and your CDH number.

Online competition entry

Competition payments

Question.  Who will be able to see my payment card details?

Intelligent Golf use a payment engine called Clear Accept to handle payment by credit or debit card. Card details are held securely by them solely for the purpose of making the transaction. A small number of HLG volunteers can see your card with several numbers blanked by **** to facilitate competition & payment (and refund) management. No-one in HLG is able to see your full card details.

Question. Will my card details be stored for future use?

Card details can be stored by Clear Accept for future use if you tick the relevant box on the payment screen.

Question. How do I get a refund in the event of withdrawing from a competition?

If you withdraw from a competition before the start sheet is issued then HLG will refund your entry fee. Unfortunately if you withdraw after the Start Sheet has been issued, as per the payment terms, no refund will be possible. Refunds may take a couple of days to reach your bank account.

Question. The system says I have entered but I couldn’t make a payment. What do I do?

In the first instance if there is any issue making a payment, try again.

If this still fails please email for assistance.

Question. What do I do if I don’t wish to make an on-line payment?

We would greatly prefer ladies to make online payment but if this is not possible.  Please email for assistance.


For general navigation guidance see the video above.

Question. How do I get back to the home page?

To return to the home page either click on the Hampshire Rose on the left hand side of the screen or click ‘HOME’ in the drop down menu. Repeated use of the back button will also have the same effect


Question. How do I register an interest in playing for one of the Hampshire teams?

The first team squad is selected after County Championship week based on HI, fit to the team & performance. For the Second Team , Senior Team and Veterans’ team there is a link on the relevant Team pages which takes you to a form to register interest and indicate your availability for upcoming matches. For junior teams please visit the Junior teams pages or the Junior Girls Talent Pathway (under Growing the Game)

If you have a query not answered here please email

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